about me

After the birth of my second daughter, my love for cooking and baking began to falter. At around 5:00ish every evening, I found myself chopping, sautéing, stirring and prepping dinner with a screaming newborn in my arms and a clingy toddler on my leg.  I knew something needed to change but I was not willing to sacrifice the quality of food I was putting on the table every night.  I began seeking out and creating recipes that allowed me to quickly prepare meals and snacks ahead of time using good quality, all natural or organic ingredients.  Now that I have four daughters and own a small photography business, this prep ahead style is a necessity!

So many of my friends want to feed their families healthy, homemade meals but dislike cooking! They struggle to find simple recipes that are quick to assemble and most importantly, can be prepared ahead of time!  My hope is that these recipes will find their way into those homes and maybe even inspire a love for cooking or rekindle one they once had before the screaming toddlers descended upon their kitchen.

Feeding your family should not be stressful. Take out is a great option that I certainly take advantage of on occasion.  But, with a little bit of planning, it is really just as easy to prep ahead and dine in!

Thanks and enjoy!
Jaime Sheridan