Friday, May 13, 2016

What's on the menu this week?

I take pride in menu planning! I'm weird like that! I look at our schedule, the weather and go from there! Here is what I am serving up this week!

In celebration of warmer weather and lots of mulch laying and deck staining, we're having this delicious grilled New York Strip with herbed butter. It's already seasoned up and in the fridge!

We're hoping for any rain to hold off to finish our very labor intensive deck project! To celebrate a job well done we're having these grilled apple cider glazed pork chops.

I love a good kid friendly casserole when we have a few after school activities dominating the afternoon and evening hours! Everyone loves this chicken and rice bake that can be prepared in its entirety ahead of time.

Soccer practice and my evening work event calls for this chicken and broccoli. Recipe calls for beef but substituting chicken!) in the slow cooker. Scoop and serve as needed! 

Lightening it up on hump day with my all time favorite salad dressing recipe given to me by a very dear friend.  Grilled lemon pepper chicken over caesar salad

Everyone's favorite....well, nobody's but mine actually....LEFTOVERS!

Pizza. Always. Make your own is on tap for this week. Love this bread machine pizza dough recipe. It is my go to! 

I would love some ideas for next week! What is everyone having?