Saturday, September 15, 2012

A fridge that encourages healthy eating...thanks Pinterest..

With a little help from Pinterest, I took the food we already had in the fridge and organized it in a way that would inspire healthier eating.  I thought I would share!

Over the summer we started to make an extra effort to eat even healthier than we already do and work out more.  I used to try to get on the treadmill a few times a week but nothing consistent.  My husband who now runs anywhere from 6-10 miles A DAY (if not more) has lost over 20 pounds since July 31st simply by eating healthier and exercising.  Impressive and very inspiring!  I try to keep up by doing yoga and squeezing in anywhere from 16-20 miles a week.  I have lots of running friends who probably don't consider that to be any big feat but it's good for me!

"If you keep GOOD FOOD in your fridge, then you will eat GOOD FOOD."  I recently came across this quote on Pinterest and I couldn't agree more!  I find that when healthy snack options are easily accessible, Mike, the kids and I will opt for those over something pre-packaged and/or processed.  Having an organized fridge where everything is visible has really helped us to eat healthy and stay on track!

Prep Ahead Plan:  Over the weekend, take some time to wash and cut fruit, boil eggs, roast meat, dice cheese and do any other prep work that lets you have lots of grab and go healthy options during busy weekdays!

Grab and Go Snacks:
On the top left you'll notice a selection of "ready to eat" foods that we can literally grab and go.  Washed carrots and snap peas, hummus, pineapple chunks, cucumbers and red pepper.  The kids know that they can help themselves to any of those "ready to eat" foods on the top shelf at any time!

Healthy Beverages:
Skim milk, water with lemon, water with cucumber and mint (great for your skin!),  kids water bottles, orange juice (reduced sugar with no added sweeteners), 100% cranberry and pomegranate juice which tastes yummy with Pellegrino are pretty typical weekly selections around here.

Always fully stocked with apples, oranges, pears, lemons, etc...

I'd like to stay from deli items on a more regular basis.  They're loaded with sodium and nitrates and using our own roasted meats (even an all natural rotisserie turkey or chicken from your local market would work!).  This week we have sliced roasted chicken and cubed reduced fat sharp cheddar.

Quick Protein Snacks:
On the bottom left we have lots of protein packed snacks and/or meal options like cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, almonds, pecans, walnuts, etc...

Berries and Lunch Box Items:
My kids LOVE any kind of berry.  We keep blueberries, strawberries and raspberries next to packable lunch box items like apple sauce, yogurt and Fruitable juice boxes.

Soft Cheese Drawer:
Mozzarella for make your own pizza night, feta for salads, etc.  (And yes, we have real butter.  It's a must on our popcorn during the occasional family movie night!  NOT healthy but SO good!)

These are the veggies that we have with meals.  This week they include different types of squash, broccoli, asparagus, salad fixings, green beans, peppers, eggplant,  garlic, etc.

I'm certainly no expert on fitness, health and nutrition but I thought I would share what works for us!  Enjoy the weekend!

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