Friday, August 26, 2011

Lessons in Hurricanes and Snack Prep...

We’re battening down the hatches over here and mourning the loss of our Country Music Festival tickets for Saturday evening.  We’ve made the responsible decision (boooo) to skip Saturday evenings show and prepare the house for Sunday’s storm. It's unfortunately the right decision given the work that needs to be done including the calming of nerves amongst our little ones!

The storm coverage and adult, hurricane themed, conversations have my kids in a panic.  I have been getting lots of questions about what hurricanes are, how they form, how they’re named and what to expect on Sunday during the storm.  I’m anticipating power outages that will last over an extended period of time and am preparing some foods that do not need refrigeration like granola, granola bars and some honey wheat bread!  We have also stocked up on fruit that can sit in a bowl on our table at room temperature like bananas, apples, oranges, and peaches.  

In addition to food prep, I’m putting together a few hurricane themed books and activities to keep my children from killing each other while (hopefully) lessening their hurricane fears by teaching them what hurricanes are all about.   I’m hoping to calm their fears by explaining that with proper preparation and safety precautions, our family will remain safe and hopefully by making use of the information below, not bored to death!  Good luck and stay safe everyone!

Weather Wiz Kids
This site has a plethora of information on hurricanes including how they form, how they’re names and additional lessons on safety precautions.  You might want to print it out and screen some of the information.  I’m going to steer clear of the super scary information!!!

Hurricane Tracking Chart:
Here is a blank tracking  that allows kids to plot Irene’s track along with the meteorologist on the local news!

Free Weather Coloring Pages For Younger Kids:

 Books for all ages:

Storms and Hurricanes (Usbornne Books)
Kathy Gemmell (Author)

Bruce Degen

Hurricane adventures in reading while the power is out:
For older children-ages 9-12

This is one of my favorite books for older kids!  I used to read this to my 5th graders every year when I was teaching.  Even reluctant readers hung on every word.  If you have a battery operated CD, pick up the audio CD  or download for your MP3 here:

The audio version REALLY adds to the story.  Michael Boatman is a FABULOUS narrator and really captures the intense adventure of this story of survival and friendship!

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