Friday, May 6, 2011

Hot Browns for Derby Day!

Derby Day 2009
(Eeek!  I'm certainly no expert today, but my photography skills needed some serious help back then!)

Derby Day is a great excuse to get dressed up, put on a fancy hat, eat hot browns and drink mint juleps!  The girls steer clear of the cocktails and have a blast decorating their Derby hats every year!  We're all about making the festivities fun for all ages around here!

We love to watch the race and create an authentic Derby party by serving a few of the traditional dishes that Derby goers have been enjoying for years!

Click here to read The Brown Hotel's famous hot brown recipe!  It's our Derby Day main dish!  I simplify the recipe by using a good quality sliced deli turkey and toasted English muffins or french bread.  The mornay sauce is really simple and can be made the night before!  

Oh! And don't forget the mint juleps!

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